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Maximize Your Draftkings Success with Us!

Wanna gain an edge on the competition in daily fantasy sports? Look no further than our Draftkings Lineup Optimizer! This badass tool will help you create the ultimate lineup that will crush your opponents and bring in the cash. Just input your preferences, and let the optimizer do its thing – it’ll analyze stats, player performance, and more to give you the best possible lineup. So sit back, relax, and let this beast of a tool take you to fantasy sports glory!

Win Big with Our Lineup Simulator!

Hey sports fans! Want to see which lineups are projected to perform the best? Look no further than our Draftkings Lineup Portfolio Simulation! With this service, you can simulate up to 1000 lineups against each other to see which lineup is most profitable! So what are you waiting for? Get in the game and start building your winning lineup today!

Win Big with our Betting Simulations!

Get ready to take your prop betting game to the next level with our Prop Betting Simulations service. Our tool takes the current line provided by Prizepicks and Underdog (main stats) and provides you the amount of times each player is projected to go over that amount in our 10k simulations. Get data driven selections right at your fingertips!

Your Daily Fantasy Sports Playbook

Get your daily dose of knowledge with our Daily Articles! Each day, our team curates and delivers engaging articles to help you with the day’s fantasy sports selections. Packed with the latest news and updates, stop here for your quick hits if you’re short on time and need info now.